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Transform Your Beauty with Us

Managing your salon appointments has never been easier! Register with us today and take control of your bookings with just a few clicks.

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Want Perfect Lashes Every Day?

Transform your eyes with Eyelash Extensions at Bryce Leigh Salon!

Whether it's your first set or you're a lash enthusiast, our expert Lash Artist, Bailey Pagels, begins each session with a custom consultation. This ensures your vision is perfectly matched, leaving you with the breathtaking lashes you desire.

Book your appointment online today and experience the magic of bespoke eyelash extensions.

Want Perfect Brows Every Day? 

Achieve flawless brows with Microblading at Bryce Leigh Salon!

Expertly crafted by our J'Adore-certified Microblading Artist, Bailey Pagels, we specialize in creating Combo Brows that blend traditional microblading with subtle shading for a perfectly natural look.

Explore our stunning before and after gallery and secure your microblading appointment online today for brows that redefine beauty.

Ready For A Big Change?

Unlock the magic of your hair's potential with Bryce, a master of creative hair artistry for over 10 years! Dive into our gallery to witness some of her astonishing transformations. Book your appointment online now and let Bryce turn your hair dreams into reality!

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